Kiko Single Eyeshadow and NYX Stick Highlighters

Today, I went to Kings Plaza because I couldn’t stand being cooped up. I was supposed to have done training for a job that I would have worked, but it fell apart and we no longer fit like a jigsaw puzzle. So what to do on an accidental day off?

I wanted to get a Kiko single eyeshadow after seeing a quick review on it by MyStyleInsideOut.I originally gave the Infinity CLICS eyeshadow line a pass because I found it to be too chalky for my preference. But my AudaCITY’s bulky packaging made me reconsider. I didn’t want to be forced to lug a big palette just to use the matte shadows in it with my Kiko Duo Baked eyeshadow. And no, I’m not depotting that shit because it cost me $69 and I’ll be damned if I have to throw out the AudaCITY packaging in favor of a Z-palette.

I just can’t bring myself to like Z-palettes. I really can’t. The practicality of having aaaaaaall my eyeshadows in one palette couldn’t do it. Partly because I like knowing where my eyeshadows came from.

So two bus rides later, I’m in Kiko Milano. I was looking forward to seeing the Infinity CLICS eyeshadow singles in store. Except that the line was almost non-existent sans three non-matte shades on sale for $2.90 a piece.

And they were not transition shades either. Well, fuck. The alternative was the High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow line for $9 a piece. That had me wondering, how much would beauty enthusiasts be willing to pay for a single eyeshadow?

Granted, NYX offered eyeshadow singles for $4 in itty bitty pans two doors over, but the Kiko eyeshadow swatched really nicely. It felt soft and smooth despite being constantly exposed to air and countless fingers. What won me over was the fact that it didn’t come as pan-only: it had a case of its own, so I didn’t feel the need to buy 2 other eyeshadow singles to get a case that will hold them all together.

I did feel a bit pained for shelling out $9 for one eyeshadow by itself, but it’s ironic because I shelled out $17 for two single eyeshadows from H&M’s beauty line (they’re $7.99 each) the other day. The things that I tell myself to justify my purchases, I swear…

I ended up hopping over to NYX anyway because my cousin bought a lavender highlighter stick and it was really nice but I didn’t buy it at the time because I wasn’t sure if I really wanted it. But a second swatch convinced me to get it and another shade.

As far as pics go, I’m going to list my Imgur profile somewhere so I don’t end up eating my bandwidth. Now, if I could juuuuuust convince myself that the hassle of taking pics with a dslr and then uploading from the memory card is totally worth it…

How much would you pay for a single eyeshadow, beauty bloggers?

6 thoughts on “Kiko Single Eyeshadow and NYX Stick Highlighters

  1. MyStyleInsideOut

    Great post and glad I was able to inspire someone on my post, but sad that you couldnt find the shade that you wanted. I noticed you mentioned that the Infinity eyeshadow is chalky, Im not sure thought coz I find it really really nice and not chalky at all. but thats why were here right? To share our thoughts on the products we’ve tried. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


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