Currently Obsessed: Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Let me start this entry off with an apology to you, Beautiful Blossoms. I know Currently Obsessed is supposed to be posted every Friday, but I feel like I haven’t been keeping up my end of the bargain and for that I do apologize. I need to make a better effort to sticking to my own imposed schedule.

But yesterday, I suffered a rampaging anxiety attack that lasted for 9 hours. Yep – 9 freakin’ hours because of a friend’s stupid decision to tell me that he may have some hard news for me and that I may need to lean on him for support. BUT HE NEVER WENT INTO DETAIL after telling me that message for 9 hours.

When he finally did, he told me that he got into a fight with his long-distance girlfriend and his mind was elsewhere when he decided to message me that ominous warning. I was left to think of the worst possible scenarios for 9 hours with no end or relief in sight. I had to plead for help on IG to try and calm down (well, it got ignored because IG is starting to become a mass marketing tool than a social media platform). I couldn’t think straight nor did I have the energy to do anything other than to lay in bed and pray and hope that whatever “hard news” I was gonna get walloped with, I’d live through it.

So now you know how Friday night was spent. With that being out of the way, I do want to get into what I should have posted about last night: Burt’s Bees Lip Balm.

The main appeal that Burt’s Bees has to me is the fact that it’s 100% natural. Now, does that necessarily mean it’s safer than the synthetic lip balms out there? Not necessarily. Some people are allergic to natural ingredients so they have to use the other cult favorites like ChapStick, Blistex, Carmex, EOS, etc.

I like the all-natural aspect of Burt’s Bees because let’s face it: lip balm is gonna make its way into our stomach somehow. And if I can try to keep that stuff as all-natural as possible, then why the hell not? But that’s purely a matter of personal preference – I’m not bashing people who claim that all-natural isn’t necessarily better and I’m sure some people are going to say that Burt’s Bees isn’t as all-natural as it claims, that it’s a misnomer. I’m cool with that – it’s not a deal breaker for me to stop using Burt’s Bees.

I’ve also read some articles that claim that lip balms don’t really hydrate your lips because it just sits on top, rather than be absorbed. Which makes me wonder, why bother convincing people that lip balms are the solution to dry, cracked lips if that marketing angle is going to be cannibalized eventually? Yes, I drink glasses of water each day since the New Year started – and my lips STILL DRIED AND CRACKED.

You see, the argument against lip balms is that drinking plenty of water is what will keep your lips from drying. In my personal experience, I disagree – using lip balm helped my lips become smoother and softer, along with drinking plenty of water. It’s not a case of one or the other.

Since I decided to give Burt’s Bees lip balm a go, I’ve gone through 3 tubes of them in Mango Flavor. I’m currently using the Vanilla Bean to try something new and I can’t choose one over the other – I love them both equally. I did use a Nivea Lip Balm prior to using the Vanilla Bean and you can tell which one I gunned for once it ran out – I could have bought another Nivea Lip Balm, but it had to be Burt’s Bees.

Now, am I suggesting that you guys go out and buy Burt’s Bees? Nope. It may have ingredients that you could be allergic to, so I’m not about to risk an anaphylactic shock just because I told you what I use. Always check the ingredients when it comes to any product that comes into contact with you externally or internally. The life you save could be yours!

EDIT: I couldn’t get my damn iPod and computer to agree earlier so I could upload this pic:

You can tell it’s seen some action lol.

Ode to you, James Dean <3!

Tune in next Friday to see the last item I’m Currently Obsessing over for the month of March!

Stay Blooming, Beautiful Blossoms!

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