Holy crap, BBs! Yes, you’re seeing a new entry on your WP news feed. Whether the Apocalypse is coming or the world tilted on its axis cannot be confirmed by me updating, but yeah. I thought I’d post something because I’ve been fairly quiet with the blog for at least 2 weeks now.

To be blunt about what the hell happened with BBA: Life. The world outside the beauty blogosphere kicked my ass. Between keeping the house running while my folks went away to work becoming more unnecessarily stressful to trying to take care of myself after being slammed with unwanted news… beauty blogging was nowhere on that list. I haven’t posted any updates on the YouTube channel either – partly because I had to make some technical upgrades and revise my recording style in turn.

And this week isn’t going to give me any breathing room – this week of July, for the rest of my life, will always send me to a dark place, where alcohol is the only coping mechanism available. Some people drink to remember – I drink to try and forget but I can’t.

I will attempt to do a TRE post today – there’s been a shitload of stuff happening in the beauty scene that could fill the TRE archives for days. I need to try – I need something to get me through the days ahead.


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