TRE: Beauty Tube Drama / Officially Back!

Hey Beautiful Blossoms! Surprise surprise, I’m posting today! And yes, I know I have a history of suddenly dropping off the face of the earth, but this time around it was due to three things:

1. Unplanned trip to Maryland with the Pops.

2. Wedding anniversary in Atlantic City.

3. Moving.

4. Flying to babysit my 5 year old cousin in Las Vegas.

Yep, they all happened in that order. During the Maryland and Atlantic City trips, I brought my recording gear along with my new lighting equipment (which I have yet to figure out how to set up because I have a new work space but it is still relatively small), but there was just no time to set up and record: Maryland had me busy interacting with cousins I hadn’t seen in a year and Atlantic City had me interacting with friends I hadn’t seen in at least 2 years.

Recording in Las Vegas was out of the question: my aunt makes it a point to lecture me when I’m on my phone and not watching my cousin. I’ll let you figure out how she does it, because I went there with my sister to babysit the little tyke when the mother is at work.

Ramblings aside, being away from blogging actually did give me a silver lining: giving me material for this week’s TRE. And holy shit, the world must have tilted on its axis or something because the Beauty Tube scene got eaten up by TMZ and got regurgitated.

Where do we start?

I’m sure a lot of you have been aware of the drama tsunami that hit some well-known YouTube beauty vloggers: Tati with her MAC Vibe Tribe haul, Jeffree Star with his broken highlighter, lash out on a fan (who should have known better than to use a clickbait title) and trying to stir up drama between ColourPop and Lancôme (no joke) to Manny bashing Black Moon Cosmetics for supposedly “stealing” his design to Jaclyn Hill’s failed Becca eyeshadow palette and recall.

Whew, that took a while to type out. Jeffree’s highlighter scandal is considerably old news (people have been complaining about the fragility of his highlighters before the drama blew up tenfold) but it’s being revived to be lumped with his other scandals. And I don’t see the drama ending anytime soon: people are pissed at Jaclyn that she misled her fans with her Becca collaboration and Jeffree’s Instagram has been shut down twice (as of this time), allegedly by angry former fans who wanted to hit back at Jeffree where it hurts.

I don’t think there’s enough butter for all the popcorn that’s gonna be consumed while wading through all this. But am I here to jump the bandwagon and bash these YouTubers? No. Frankly, I don’t see the need to add fuel to the fire: we all have our drama limits and I’m sure dealing with the drama of just one of them would max out any limit and then some. If anything, all this drama worries me because YouTube beauty vloggers are starting to get a bad rap for possibly being nothing more than shillers for companies they want to lay in bed with.

I’ll admit – I did that with Motives Cosmetics by Market America. Thankfully, I woke up before I made my bed with them permanent. Does that mean I’m sorry for trying to push products from an MLM company? No. It was a learning experience for me and I shouldn’t have to apologize to anyone for trying to be a pushy salesperson when that’s what salespeople do for a living, MLM or not. I didn’t wake up one day and decide to suck up to Motives Cosmetics in the hopes that they’ll send me free stuff or get paid millions – I joined in with the hope that I can pay off my student loans, because I wasn’t getting hired in the degree field of my choice.

What these YouTubers don’t seem to realize is that they’re actually damaging the road for future beauty vloggers who legitimately want to make vlogs about products that they really like (because disliking something is easier to believe when you consider buying something). I wouldn’t be surprised if people take one look at them and instantly assume they’re trying to be the next Tati or Michelle Phan or NikkieTutorials because they rave about a product by their personal standards.

So should people not consider beauty vlogging anymore? No. But it’ll be a harder climb for them if they want to make it to the top, no thanks in part to the childish fuckery that their predecessors are committing right now.

And this came on rather late, but I was in the middle of blogging when the news of the Orlando Pulse Massacre happened. My heart hurts from the news – so many people died because of what they identify as. They didn’t go out to hurt anyone – they just wanted to have a good time like any common person would.

These are dark, dark days we’re living through, Beautiful Blossoms. Let’s hope that it doesn’t last forever.

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