TRE: Holiday Palettes… in July???

What’s up, Beautiful Blossoms?

Yes, this week’s text entry came in rather late today because I just came back from a birthday/graduation get-together at my neighbor’s house and it took me a while to figure out if there was anything to write about for this week’s TRE entry. Nothing major has happened in the beauty scene that has me raising an eyebrow a la The Rock, but the title above has me raising it slightly enough to count.

Holiday palettes. In July. Smack dab in the middle of summer. Can someone explain this shit to me? Because I don’t get the whole Christmas-in-July thing. And I sure as hell don’t get why holiday palettes are already being announced right smack in the hottest month of the entire frickin’ year.

I get that makeup products take a while to make, but it’s a well-known allegation that holiday products are often rush-produced, resulting in shittier-than-usual quality from the regular, non-rushed products. Thanks to Trendmood, I was informed of up-and-coming holiday palettes by the major makeup players on the scene (look for Trendmood on Instagram. You will not (or will) be disappointed).

Ain’t it a little too early to drop new makeup? Aw hell, the last thing on my mind is makeup when I’m trying not to get fried and baked by the frickin’ sun. But I guess there’s no time like the present to get people hyped up and excited about upcoming product releases… intended for the holidays season. It’s still far to me – can we survive the summer heatwave first?

So far, opinion on the palettes have been divided between “must-have” or “same-old” and I do agree that the palettes seem to be non-innovative, but a redditor on r/muacjdiscussion pointed out that the holiday palettes aren’t designed for the regular makeup addict/enthusiast in mind – they were created for the makeup newbie in mind, and what better time to release a fancy makeup palette for noobs than the holidays?

And neutrals are always guaranteed to be wanted – they’re not too risky and they can be used for professional settings, with the latter sending some makeup addicts seething with teeth. Sorry ladies, but some of us are more interested in keeping our office jobs where they don’t allow edgier makeup.

E.L.F. Cosmetics has beating them to the punch with that, though: they sell makeup-noob friendly products ALL YEAR. You hear that, Tarte, Too Faced, KVD, ABH, Sephora, NYX, IT Cosmetics, and Bobbi Brown? Granted, E.L.F.’s products are more hit-or-miss than the aforementioned, and the holiday releases are intended to be seasonal than year-round. But still, I should be getting a good bang for my buck if I’m getting something that’s being released as a season-only product, yes?

And I figured that September would be a better time to announce holiday palettes, being that these two months tend to kick off the whole holiday craze that turns regular peeps into frenzied shopaholic. Labor Day is always seen as the “unofficial” end of summer and the signal for retail stores to start hauling out their Halloween decors and products. So why not make the announcements then instead of trying to create hype for it so early that people will eventually forget about it when the holiday season comes around?

And that’s it for this week’s TRE! Did you Beautiful Blossoms come across anything in the beauty scene that had you raising your eyebrow? Comment below!

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