TRE: I Can’t Even…

Heylo, Beautiful Blossoms. And no, you’re not dreaming or hallucinating. And no, it’s not the end of the world and a sign of the Apocalypse. July turned out to be the roughest month of the year for me (so far) in an overarching way and for once, I couldn’t turn to makeup blogging or vlogging for relief.

I’ve tried to keep in touch via Twitter as much as I could but that proved to be a struggle as well – the only times I was able to post was when I had a brief moment of elevated mood before I came crashing back down further than where I originally felt like I was. And maybe it’s the fact that July is over that I finally got the strength to get out of moping in bed and sit down for a post.

And boy, the makeup scene did not fail to deliver with the goods for this week’s TRE.

Kylie’s Kyshadow Eye Palette

Because having a lip product line that sells out in minutes, Kylie Jenner has decided to create an eyeshadow line called Kyshadow, with the first palette being called “Bronze.” There are numerous reports that Kylie is going to release more eyeshadow palettes to feature different colors (this has yet to be confirmed by Kylie herself).

Now there are people criticizing the Kyshadow Bronze palette for being too similar to the BH Cosmetics Shaanxo palette – the packaging and presentation are eerily similar and the only differences are the price point (Shaanxo’s palette costs $11 (originally $22) and Kylie’s is a whopping $42) and the fact that Kylie needs to remind you that she made you her bitch by having her name in bold, capital letters instead of a mirror on her palette’s lid.

There’s also the issue of the palette having been created with Kylie’s skin tone in mind – she and her sisters use foundation that are 2 shades darker than their actual skin tone, so that tutorial that her makeup artist did on Instagram may not be as accurate as they want to show. Since the eyeshadows are new, I wasn’t able to find any swatches on the darker skin tone range. Jaclyn Hill did a swatch since she received a palette so a swatch on light skin can be seen (Jaclyn apparently struggled to get pigmentation transfer from the pan, according to /r/beautyguruchat).

I guess Kylie’s gonna milk her claim to fame before it burns out for good.

Jeffree Star Backlash

This was the shot heard around the world: Kat Von D publicly dumps denounces her former pal Jeffree Star professionally and personally, citing his history of racism, verbal abuse, art theft, and misogyny as her reasons for doing so. And Jeffree, not one to take humiliation laying down, hit right back with personal attacks, texts, and insults about Kat’s life as his “receipts.” The whole reason this went down? Apparently Jeffree felt like he was above reimbursing Kat’s friend and artist BJ for a design draft that is pretty much Jeffree’s current logo.

In the end, Jeffree paid BJ his due, despite claiming that he didn’t owe BJ anything since nothing was finalized with him. You would think that that was the end of the drama, right?

Nope. Jeffree has been on a Scrubbing Bubbles campaign to destroy every incriminating proof of his true nature, but we live in the age of the Internet where nothing is ever forgotten the moment it’s made available online. Not only that, he has been skipping out on meet-and-greet sessions while on the Vans Warped tour, much to the chagrin of fans who apparently paid to see their idol in person.

And recently, Jeffree continued to throw shade at Kat by tweeting that he had donated the products that he received from her to a women’s shelter, claiming that it was the right thing to do. Who are you trying to deceive, Joffree? You got your ass beat and then some. Any attempt to do PR at this point is useless – your STANS are the only ones who are backing you and it’s only a matter of time before they burn out from your ridiculousness.

Kat hasn’t said anything ever since was convinced BJ got paid for his work. And props to her – she has a business to run and has no time to deal with petulant, backstabbing brats.

And that’s it for this week’s TRE! I’m really gonna push myself to get back to schedule with product reviews and Currently Obsessed this week.

What got you raising an eyebrow (or two), Beautiful Blossoms?

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