My Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush

Surprise, Beautiful Blossoms! I actually got around to writing an entry today (in part because I do admire you lovely Blossoms that manage to post an entry everyday in spite of your undoubtedly busy schedules. You put me to shame) as a means of trying to get my head above the water that is depression and dammit, I’m a self-titled beauty blogger and vlogger so I need to get my shit together and act like one.

In-between my computer activity and coloring a page from one of my coloring books, I find myself browsing through Ulta’s, Sephora’s, and e.l.f’s online stores and Temptalia going “fight me” for new products that I would want. And I found none.

That was hammered in further when I found myself trying to roll-call all the makeup brushes that I own (and I could swear I have a helluva lot more than what I see) and I had to dig through my haphazard drawer of e.l.f. Baked Blushes Highlighters in Pinktastic, Ardell Lashes bought from IMATS, my Bite Beauty Lipsticks in their Sephora bag, and Kiko Stylo Lipsticks to name a few. I found 3 (I could have sworn I went nuts at the e.l.f. store in Roosevelt Field but maybe I’m just tripping again) and brought them out.

All that just to cough up three e.l.f. brushes.

The last straw was when I found myself trying to find one of my makeup products and in the midst of trying to find it, I ended up having to search a styrofoam case that had some of my makeup products stashed – foundation bottles and lipsticks were strewn about. That’s when my massive want of makeup fell off a cliff and into the rocks below – I had a massive (and I mean shoe-rack pockets full massive) collection of makeup products that could last me the Apocalypse at least twice.

So what am I to do with what I have? Review them of course! Or at least, blog about them because I’m pretty sure half my makeup stash has already been reviewed to death by soooooo many beauty bloggers / vloggers / commentators. A quick peek into my makeup train case revealed more brushes (double ended to be specific – not a huge fan because cleaning them is a bitch when it comes to the drying part) and my only Tarte blush.

I like blushes. And while I wrote this blog, I’d ogle at available blushes on Ulta’s site to see what’s new. There’s just something about that pinky shade spectrum that I liked when I saw pictures of me wearing them during my flower girl / bridesmaid years. But then I’d remember the one blush that I’m currently using and sits in my bag: the LE KikoxLovegrove Desert Dunes Baked Blush Trio in Gypsy Pink. I’ve never been into gradient style blushes but holy shit that blush got me good (and it smells like baked vanilla everytime I open it).

And then I remembered my Tarte blush. And Sephora and NYX blushes. All of them are close in color (I originally had the Sephora one but I’m still trying to pan it dammit) and my cousin recommended the Tarte blush to me because she heard good things about it. So I did. And it wasn’t long before I found myself reaching for my Sephora blush instead before Gypsy Pink came out.

I couldn’t understand: why did I reach more for the cheaper blush that I had when I should be using the daylights out of the Tarte blush (considering how much that little shit cost me)? There was nothing wrong with the shade and it was sparkly like my Sephora blush. But somehow, I made the decision to let it sit in my makeup train not too long after I bought it.

And then I remembered the reason: I thought that the blush was overhyped. Sure, the mirror was convenient to have (Sephora’s blushes don’t have it), but I couldn’t see any difference between the two of them on my face. And then I remember being irked that I shelled out $28 plus shipping (there was a sale promo going on but apparently I didn’t meet the friggin criteria ಠ_ಠ) for a blush that wasn’t any better than the one I already had.

But soreness aside, it’s not fair to just let that little Tarte blush sit in the dark insides of my makeup train. As much as I love whipping out my vanilla-smelling Kiko blush, my Tarte one could use some love too.

Now, if only I could convince myself to get my ass out of bed a few minutes early to do my makeup…

My Lonely Tarte Blush Part 1 and 2.

Are you Beautiful Blossoms planning on playing with new or neglected makeup this week?

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