BBA Wants: Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics

After lurking on reddit’s makeup subs for some time and growing weary of the well-known makeup brands on the market, I found myself fascinated by indie brands that don’t get as much promo as the major beauty players. After constantly Googling makeup out of boredom during my break, Beauty Bakerie caught my eye.

At first, I thought this was a baking company with a beauty / makeup theme to it. So down the rabbit hole I went and I have not looked back since. This brand hit me right in the feels by being a combination of two personal favorites. It’s hard not to feel like going gaga over names like “Raspberry Tiramisu Lip Whip” or “Milkshake Lip Whip.” They may or may not have been responsible for sending me to my local drugstore and buying 2 half pints of Ben and Jerry’s today.

The colors are amazing too! Versailles and Sakura Delight are drawing me in every time I check the liquid lipstick selections. But the price point is deterring me from giving in to my cravings, along with the fact that I have a lot of liquid lipsticks already that would beat me over the head if they had little limbs.

And don’t get me started on the eyeshadow line itself. EyesCream? I see what you did there Beauty Bakerie.

Have you tried a product from this indie brand? What do you think?

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