TRE: When the Addiction is Too Real…

This week’s TRE does not feature the Kardashian-Jenners, KFC’s weird ass chicken-scented sunscreen (I’m beginning to think that KFC is pushing the Soylent Green agenda to reality), YouTube beauty vlogger drama (I don’t mind the tea spilling but it’s getting tiresome tbh), or any other mainstream beauty news. Rather, it’s going to be about BBA and me. Because I’m tired of rehashing things that have been reported already to hell and back. And the blog needs to be more selfish and personal, if that even makes any sense.

So what got me raising an eyebrow at BBA and myself?

You see, I had to rearrange my bed area / work space in an attempt to fight back at my bout of depression. Now, I have my work station right next to a shoe rack that you hang over a door. Except it’s not filled with shoes: it’s filled with makeup products.

Lots. And lots. And my tiaras to boot.

Excuse the shitty quality – my phone and my computer were not getting along when this was taken. But yep. That doesn’t even include the bottom row.

I could do a review for each product that I have (because I have 2 of each for most of them), but I hate having to tear through products for a quick review and then stashing the product to be forgotten until the new ice age kicks in and it would be bad beyond recognition. And I’m of the personal philosophy of getting my money’s worth, so I really don’t expect myself to be tearing through every single item for a review anytime soon.

Also, that hasn’t included my skincare and tubes of Kiko lipstick. So I thought about doing a giveaway with Kiko lip products. But then the first problem that comes to mind is the fact that Kiko lip products aren’t as well known as the major players like Too Faced and Kat Von D and the last thing I need is to get sued because someone gets an allergic reaction to the Kiko lip product.

Did I mention the lipstick bullets are pretty close in terms of shade (red)?

So what led me to go HAM and end up with the picture above?

I was trying to fill the hole that my cheating ex left me with. And for a while, makeup did it. Makeup managed to get me through the worst days just by allowing me to buy something that could make me feel good inside and out. But now, I got all these makeup products that I just can’t seem to finish because there’s so many of them.

I’m trying to pan my AudaCITY as we speak. But even that gets exhausting because you can only do so many looks from that palette. And I love sleep more than having to wake up just to do my face.

Do I regret splurging like that? Hell nah.Because every time I see that wall of makeup products, it always reminds me that I made the decision to fight back against the tides of depression that threatened to swallow me whole and send me off to the deep end.

But I gotta convince myself that I have enough and I don’t need anymore. Because I do. And filling an emotional hole with material things is a slippery slope that could land you in a deeper hole faster than you can blink.

Now, if I could juuuuuust finally hit pan / rock bottom on some of these little buggers…

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