Day 2 of 30: Decisions, Decisions…

While I’m waiting for the Urban Decay Primer Potion to dry a bit, I managed to find my Vice 4. And I learned that I am rather shitty when it comes to keeping my palette brushes clean: I haven’t washed the double ended brush that came in the Vice 4.

But that’s minor compared to the moment I cracked the palette open. When I did a vlog review on the YouTube channel, I claimed that the palette wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be: there are colors that encourage experimenting and, as one redditor pointed out, are jewel toned. If you wanted to rock an 80s eyeshadow look, Vice 4 got you covered.

The thing is, when I looked at this palette a third time, I finally realized why it didn’t appeal to me: the color selection was all over the place. I could see 2 shades working together since once was matte and another was shimmer, but the rest?

How the fuck was I gonna make them work somehow?

Framed is my go-to shade as an eyeshadow base – it’s matte and it makes the shimmer pop up more. It was a lesson I took to heart from an Urban Decay representative when I decided to buy a Naked palette but it was out of stock in the Sephora I popped into. But once Framed was applied, what was the next color to go to?

I ended up going with Grasshopper because I really wanted to see where I could go with the palette and I don’t use it that often. In fact, green is a rare eyeshadow among all the palettes I own. I didn’t want to get too risky with Crowbar (that damn eyeshadow has a learning curve), so I looked at some of the other shades I haven’t really touched.

Which was the profile of most of the palette. On a whim, I opted for Low in my outer eye area (it’s the whole darker shades-on-the-outer-corner-make-your-eyes-wider thing) and then finished the browbone area with Grip. I had to migrate to the bathroom because relying on your computer screen for light isn’t exactly genius.

The end result wasn’t too bad. Except I will never, ever do the eyeshadow-below-the-lower-lashline style because in this case, I did that with Grasshopper and I could swear I look like a green-eyed zombie. And to my surprise, I didn’t have to do much blending like I usually do.

Here is the finished look. And with eyes closed. And yes, I am wearing a Turbie Twist. Beats having to wear a towel around my head and it does what it claims to do.

At least Day 2 wasn’t a disaster like Day 1. Why do I have a feeling that I’m gonna end up doing the same look twice?

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