Day 3 of 30: Frustration Outlet

Heylo, Beautiful Blossoms. I felt well enough to make an entry from this year’s flu (very, very contagious) which had me tossing and turning in bed because my joints were achy – something that I’ve never had happen to me in all my years of having the flu.

I also needed to let out some frustration and this challenge was part of what contributed to it. The more I look at my Vice 4, the less it speaks to me. I really, really want to make the palette work out for me but the color scheme does not suit warm skin tones (at least, for me). The pigmentation could be better – I feel like I really need to pack on a good amount of eyeshadow just to make it visible in a picture.

Even if I use a primer. And no, I’m, not gonna be using the NYX Milk pencil – I want the product to perform with just a primer because it’s a standard in eyeshadow application and I’m already using the UD PP.

Rather than use Framed as my matte base, I decided to be more adventurous today and use Bitter. This is one of the more pigmented shadows in the palette, so a little goes a long way. And since I seem to be drawn to green shades, I decided to apply Arctic to my outer eye corner. Honestly, if you do a picture comparison from today’s eyeshadow look to Day 2, you wouldn’t believe that I used 2 different green eyeshadows from the palette because they look the same in the end.

And for my final shade, I wanted to see how well I can make 2 different colors work, so I decided to use Robbery on the rest of my eyelid up to my inner corner. At this point, you can barely see any trace of Bitter since it got piled on by the glitters of Arctic and Robbery.

Robbery was so light on me that I kept packing on the product to make sure I see it, but every time I do it would get washed out in the light. ಠ_ಠ Not only that, Arctic started to fade so I had to touch that color up.

I learned 2 things on Day 3:

1. I am SHIT at blending.

2. I am SHIT at picking colors that DON’T CLASH.

I can already hear the 80s calling. It wants its colors back.

See the butchery here.

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