Life Update Part 1

Holy shit, a new post from BBA!

Yes, it’s been a good while since I last posted – I’ve been busy with short staff at work, moving issues, career change, running a giveaway for the first time, and minor body issues. I’m gonna split the updates into parts so you don’t get blinded with lengthy block paragraphs.

I’m gonna start with work because this has been the biggest time consumer and relates to the career change part.

Short staff at work?

It’s kinda self-explanatory: I work for a really big company and unfortunately, one of their sectors / work sites got short-staffed due to one employee resigning and another taking mandatory leave for a personal matter. It was decided that me covering my current workplace and the short-staffed sector is a really good idea, so at least one day of my regular 5-day work week I am working a fully loaded schedule.

And by fully loaded I mean I’m interacting with at least 100 patients. In person. For different specialists.

And then on Mondays and Fridays, I also work extra hours for a doctor who has late (but very limited) hours. It just so happens that this doctor has A LOT of patients from an old practice site, so when the doctor moved, the patients followed and so the paperwork chaos commenced.

Did I mention that while my current job pays the bills, it’s slowly killing my soul? I have no room for advancement and I’m not getting paid more for doing more. Which is why I’ve started a career change by taking a course that’s only on weekends – leaving me with little breathing room for enjoying the makeup hobby.

What kind of career change? And why not quit work if it’s making you so miserable?

I’d like to stay mum about it for now – I want to be sure I can secure it before going into the deets. And as unhappy as I am now with my workload getting heavier for no pay, I’d be more miserable by losing the only means of paying the bills.

What I can say is that I’m only taking the career-changing class for 3 more weeks and I should get my weekends back – provided I don’t get roped into working overtime for Saturdays.

Didn’t you say you were moving eons ago? What happened?

Yes, I mentioned I was moving. Unfortunately, the house that I’m supposed to be moving to IS STILL NOT READY. We haven’t even moved any major piece of furniture because my dad wants to get the house blessed first. – _ – Don’t get me wrong: I’m down for a house blessing, but what makes me cringe at this is the fact that one of the previous residents of the house is a priest. A PRIEST.

Come on, dad. @ _ @

But that’s not all: the construction and remodeling team that’s still working on the fixer-upper actually lost 2 people: one unfortunately passed away from a horrible car accident and the other had to take care of personal matters that required a flight to the other half of the world.

At this point, I don’t even know when I’ll ever be moving. But I hope it gets done soon because my ma wanted to move during the warmer days and it’s already June. Next thing you know, fall season’s gonna be Juggernauting through the damn door with Old Man Winter trailing behind and I’m not having that shit.

What happened to your YouTube channel?

Honestly, I was going to restart the YouTube uploading as soon as I got settled into the house with my own personal room, so I can be as loud as I want to talk without the background noise or interruption. With my current makeshift room, there is no way I feel comfortable with filming without my grandma asking x amount of questions about what I’m doing or assuming I’ve gone bonkers because I’m talking to myself.

But I do look forward to revitalizing the YouTube channel – I got lots of goodies that I’d like to use on record so you lovely folks can see how it performs, yes?

And that’s it for now. I gotta catch me laundry before someone moves them out of the machines!

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