A Breather Entry

Hey Beautiful Blossoms!

After being on hiatus for over a month, I finally got the chance to come back and just do a quick entry – I hadn’t realized that the last entry that I wrote was on March 7, but that’s what happens when moving plans fall apart get delayed, family members have a health crisis, death in the family, and heavier workload all come tearing after your time.

I’ve been a little more active on Insta due to the fact that I’m hosting the first ever Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics Giveaway, with the theme being Beauty Twins. If you guys are interested, the giveaway is open until May 25 and the rules are available on the first BBA Giveaway Insta post. There are more posts that follow that clarify the rules a bit (though to my disappointment, some people are at risk of disqualification because they are not following the rules ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and I want everyone to get a fair shot at winning… ).

But that’s not what finally got me to set my foot down and come back and blog. My grandma’s age has finally caught up to her and she’s finally coming to terms that her mind is young but her body is not. My mother has trust issues when it comes to letting people who are not immediate family members take care of our own, so you can imagine what I do after I come home from work.

Speaking of which, I am taking on more workload than I did when I first started – I’m doing extra stuff to pay off my seemingly endless student loan and other bills that come with… well, simply living.

I’m not sure if I mentioned here on the site that I was in the process of moving. If I didn’t, now you all know. If I did, well… the moving process came to a grinding halt because the new place is not in move-in condition. It was bought in a state of utter disrepair (it had been abandoned for 3 years) and ever since it was bought by my folks, it has become more of a money drain than an investment – not only did the house need severe fixing, the previous owners never removed their belongings.

Think about that for a second: you buy a house that’s been abandoned and neglected and the owners abandoned it with their stuff still inside. Which you now have to clean up yourself. If you’re wondering what in the world possessed my folks to buy it in the first place, it’s a loooooooong and personal complication and that’s where I’ll leave it at.

Makeup review wise, I have one coming up. The question is, how do I post pictures of it here? I don’t have the means to keep uploading massive amounts of pictures of products I’ll be reviewing like most blogs and I don’t have the skill to run a self-hosted one.

I’ll just have to take things one day at a time.

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