Life Update Part 2

So I decided to give the good ol’ site a browse from an outside perspective and I noticed that I wrote an entry that had Part 1. I remember writing that title because there was going to be Part 2. And I intended to write Part 2 but when life sent me on a tide, I forgot about # 2, since Part 1 didn’t tell the whole story.

So what’s the rest of the story?

If you don’t keep tabs on the BBA Insta, I posted some tidbits about going back to school and the resulting diploma from it. I took a course to become a Pharmacy Technician and I’m set to take the certification exam at the end of this month. Doing so would allow me to work as a pharmacy tech anywhere, though I know hospitals prefer the PtCB, which is the more difficult version of the exam.

I’ve made peace with the fact that, as much as it hurts, I will never find employment in the field I practically busted my ass for. So I have to dive headfirst into another field where I can give myself a better chance of working – and I’ve always had a lowkey interest in pharmaceuticals.

I’ve also been working more than my regular work hours – last week alone I worked 6 days, 4 of which were spent at the clinic I bill for. Even now, I still feel drained physically and emotionally from that. And my regular work has left me more drained than before to the point where I would have to mentally drag myself if I were to blog everyday for the beauty hustle. I want this to be something I can take the time to explore, enjoy, and relax with – not to stress or agonize over. I do that enough already with other things in life.

I also thought about the series that I’ve kicked off on this blog site: Beauty Advice For Thought and What Went Wrong? (most likely to be discontinued because there really isn’t much advice to dole out nowadays and I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy the products I took a gamble on – yes, even the infamous AudaCITY and Vice 4 palettes), My Neglected Makeup (I already have another product in mind that’s ready to be discussed for this), BBA Musings (this is pretty much a recurring series), Currently Obsessed (will be refined more – it’s more than a first impression but less than a review), and The Raised Eyebrow (I guess this will be retooled into focusing on the constant tea spillage in the beauty community).

Frank on Depression might happen every now and then – depression is not a light subject to discuss, but I think I made this category out of hope that maybe I can dole out some nuggets of wisdom when I break through my frequent bouts of depression. Ha.

But, yeah. That pretty much Part 2 of Life Update with BBA.

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