The Raised Eyebrow: Celebrity Makeup Products

What’s up, BBs? I hope you had / have a lovely Sunday / Monday wherever you are, as it is almost 9 PM here in NYC. As promised, I’m delivering one of today’s Double-Post entries. Today’s more of a mini-rant / headscratch given the title.

You see, Rihanna made news in the beauty community with the announcement of her own makeup line. She’s the latest celebrity to create her own line of makeup without collaborating with a cosmetic company, with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba having their own respective lines, Flower Cosmetics and Honest Beauty. I don’t count the Kardashian cosmetics line for the simple fact that the sisters have made no attempt to promote the product nor persistently claim that they’ve worked to create the cosmetic line that bears their name.

I can’t count Kylie, since she’s only released lip kits and nail polish. Had she released more products, then I would have considered her.

Now, I got nothing against celebrities trying to make money while they still can – fame ain’t forever after all. But what’s with the sudden jump with celebrity-created makeup? Is there an unspoken bandwagon that I missed out on?

While the deets on Rihanna’s makeup line are still in the works, I’m going to take a wild guess by saying that the most hoped for product by her is the eyeliner, since she seems to wear that a lot. Eyeshadows by her are 50-50, but no doubt they will be part of the makeup line since eyeshadows are a standard part of a beauty collection.

What are your thoughts on Rihanna’s upcoming makeup line? 

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