TRE: Complaints About Makeup Holiday Sets.

It is September and if you’ve been keeping up with the latest and the greatest in the beauty scene, brands have begun to roll out their holiday sets. Some of them are interesting to the makeup newbie, but there are a lot of complaints coming from the seasoned beauty buyers regarding the quality of these limited edition, seasonal products, predominantly neutral color selection, and, especially Too Faced, similar palettes.

I can’t say I’m a seasoned makeup buyer: there are still brands out there that I haven’t tried every brand out there or bought enough makeup products to know which ones to avoid (there are some but it’s a tiny list and quite subjective). Aw hell, some of the products I own are disliked by some people. But that doesn’t stop me from buying the ones that I personally want and skip on the ones that they personally want.

So when people started bitching about the holiday palettes, I shared the following sentiment in r/muacjdiscussion: people need to chill the fuck out about the neutral colors. They weren’t made to cater to the makeup buyer who already owns palettes with all the rainbow colors.

If there is one thing that I’ve noticed with society, it’s that people have ingrained the idea of self-entitlement: that the world should cater to their personal whims, and if that doesn’t happen, find similar individuals who share that mentality, and bitch until companies bend over for them.

Um… wat.

The idea behind holiday makeup products is that it was a well-thought gift for someone who’s into makeup but can’t afford to buy the brand.Or just want to start into makeup but they’re not sure which brand to jump onboard with. Makeup companies churn out a good number of makeup products throughout the year and there are bands like MakeUp Forever, ABH, NYX, theBalm, and Sephora that let people build their own custom palettes.

Yet people still feel the need to bitch and complain “NEED MOAR COLORS!!!111!!!!” or “IM SICK OF THESE NEUTRALS Y U NO MAKE MY PERSONAL PALETTE!!!11!!!!” whenever holiday palettes are released ಠ_ಠ. Last I checked, makeup brands weren’t created to be anybody’s personal makeup bitch.

But this whole give-me-holiday-makeup-that-I-want thing is not gonna go away anytime soon, sadly. And until people finally get their heads out of their asses and realize that if they wanted a fucking palette that catered to their personal color schemes, they can, it’ll be passed on for generations.

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