Active on Insta. Blogging… Not So Much.

Intagramming is hella easy. You just gather the stuff you like, snap a pic with a phone or tablet or an iPod, and voila: easy peasy lemon squeasy result.

My Insta feed has featured a shit ton of haul pics. It’s no secret that I’m a makeup addict (and I don’t say that with pride, either… but it’s kinda hard not to when buying makeup makes you happy). Am I gonna review ALL the stuff I’ve been picturing on the BBA Insta?

That’s actually a good question. Not to brag or anything, but I’ve been fortunate enough to love a good chunk of the stuff I’ve bought. Really. The ones that do come to mind that failed are the Tony Moly Intense Care LS CC Cream (I snapped a pic of myself wearing it and sent it to my cousin. She agreed with my sentiment that it looked horrible on me) and the UD Vice 4. I swear, I don’t have a raging boner for the UD Vice 4 – I’m really trying to be more open minded to it in the sense that it may not be the pigment-in-your-face kinda palette. I’ve made this peace with my AudaCITY and in a way, I’m kinda glad that it was done the way it was because it lets me wear makeup in a professional setting where it would have been frowned upon if I went for the Instagram in-your-face look.

And Colourpop. I bought the cream eyeshadows and I wasn’t happy with the fact that they were more finger-friendly than brush friendly because I’m more of a brush applicator than a finger applicator…

But this Clinique sponge applicator sitting right in front of me as I type might change my disappointment. ๐Ÿ˜€

It does help that majority of the products I’ve bought were in-store, so I had the chance to swatch with testers before buying the product with the full confidence that I’ll enjoy using it. I’ve only recently started to branch out to buying online (I still feel apprehensive to be honest) – Sugarpill and Viseart were blind buys because I’ve never owned anything from either brand in my life. But if I have the means to get it in-store, believe me, I’ll opt for that as much as I can.

It does not help that Viseart doesn’t have much of a shelf space in Sephora – I think Stephanie Nicole pointed out that the price point scares a lot of people so it’s not likely that Viseart will have shelf space anytime soon, unless they offer more than palettes. I’ve only seen one of the palettes in store (I think it was the Warm Neutrals) and even then it was stashed on those side-or-endcaps that highlight certain products for certain uses. If you’ve ever been to Sephora, you’ll know what I mean.

I am sick too – it took Mother Nature a while, but she managed to whittle down my immune system to the point where I couldn’t fight off the seasonal cold and/or flu. I swear, they both feel the same to me.

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