BBA Musings # 2 – Online Browsing is the New Window Shopping

Window shopping used to be a pastime reserved for trips to the mall or as a means of detaching yourself from the routine of every day - but with the advent of the Internet, we've now turned to a new window - a strictly electronic version of whatever browser we use.

BBA Musings # 1: Dermaplaning / Shaving

My brows have a blunt way of reminding me of my self-neglect by simply growing. It didn't matter what direction they pointed to - just that they grew. And grew. To the point where I didn't recognize myself when I stared at the mirror, when I could afford more than a quick glance at my …

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It’s THAT Time of the Year

Where Tarte and Too Faced try to outbid each other as to who can pop out the most makeup product(s) for the holiday gift giving craze (with Urban Decay coming in fast from left field), there's a big push to post the best holiday look (and inadvertently creating a sense of anxiety to meet or …

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BAFT / TRE : Reading Really IS Fundamental

Today's entry was prompted by a quick glance at this little bugger below: I picked this up during the good ol' days when e.l.f. standalone stores still existed (Pepperidge Farm remembers). This particular foundation was designed for people with oily skin (and I wasn't too fond of the other type of foundation that was available. …

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Frank on Depression: Makeup Edition

Is it possible to be depressed from makeup? Yes. Yes it is. Maybe depressed isn't the right word, but I definitely don't feel the joy of makeup anymore... at least, not like in the beginning. And I have to remind myself that I can't always be euphoric with makeup - it's not healthy. And someone …

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Life Update 4: YouTube, Work+School, Etc.

Ah, YouTube. How you used to be on a pedestal for many who were sick of regular TV. Now, you can't think of the platform without being made painfully aware of the controversies that hover over it like a dark cloud. You may or may not know it, but I have a YouTube channel too! …

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WWR: Mally Beauty Nude Attitude

The first time I became aware of Mally Beauty was when my cousin and I visited Ulta and we happen to wander by the shelf space that the brand occupied. My cousin told me that her maternal aunt used their products via QVC and that it worked well for her. At that point, I felt …

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