My Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush

Surprise, Beautiful Blossoms! I actually got around to writing an entry today (in part because I do admire you lovely Blossoms that manage to post an entry everyday in spite of your undoubtedly busy schedules. You put me to shame) as a means of trying to get my head above the water that is depression and dammit, I’m a self-titled beauty blogger and vlogger so I need to get my shit together and act like one.

In-between my computer activity and coloring a page from one of my coloring books, I find myself browsing through Ulta’s, Sephora’s, and e.l.f’s online stores and Temptalia going “fight me” for new products that I would want. And I found none.

That was hammered in further when I found myself trying to roll-call all the makeup brushes that I own (and I could swear I have a helluva lot more than what I see) and I had to dig through my haphazard drawer of e.l.f. Baked Blushes Highlighters in Pinktastic, Ardell Lashes bought from IMATS, my Bite Beauty Lipsticks in their Sephora bag, and Kiko Stylo Lipsticks to name a few. I found 3 (I could have sworn I went nuts at the e.l.f. store in Roosevelt Field but maybe I’m just tripping again) and brought them out.

All that just to cough up three e.l.f. brushes.

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TRE: I Can’t Even…

Heylo, Beautiful Blossoms. And no, you’re not dreaming or hallucinating. And no, it’s not the end of the world and a sign of the Apocalypse. July turned out to be the roughest month of the year for me (so far) in an overarching way and for once, I couldn’t turn to makeup blogging or vlogging for relief.

I’ve tried to keep in touch via Twitter as much as I could but that proved to be a struggle as well – the only times I was able to post was when I had a brief moment of elevated mood before I came crashing back down further than where I originally felt like I was. And maybe it’s the fact that July is over that I finally got the strength to get out of moping in bed and sit down for a post.

And boy, the makeup scene did not fail to deliver with the goods for this week’s TRE.

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Currently Obsessed: Tony Moly Egg Pore Nose Pack

Happy Friday, Beautiful Blossoms! And I finally found out why my phone never reminds me to do an entry every Friday – I never set a reminder on my phone. I’m hoping that’ll be my “doi!” moment of the day.

It doesn’t help that I haven’t been active with my makeup usage as of late thanks to my recurring bouts of depression. If I’m getting repetitive with it, I’m sorry – I honestly don’t know how else to describe part of what I struggle with in and out of beauty blogging. But I don’t mean to be a downer every time I post an entry here – I do want to be able to blog in a happy mood too.

In fact, I struggled to find a product to present today – not only do I have a lifetime-supply equivalent stash of beauty products that I’ve bought in almost a year, I’ve featured nearly every product that I regularly use. Some are cult favorites (Naked 3, ABH Contour, Beauty Blender, UD De-Slick Setting Spray) that have been blogged about endlessly, so I don’t feel that it’s needed for me to write a CE post about them.

And then there’s Tony Moly.

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Currently Obsessed: Kiko Cleansing Milk and Moving

Heylo, BBs and welcome to another belated week of Currently Obsessed! I am in full-chaos mode for a week now because I’m in the process of moving out of my current apartment, which means that my attention has been focused on deciding which belongings have to go, which have to stay, and making sure that nothing gets left behind. I’m still in the first part of the process because the place I’m moving into is not fully ready yet.

But I remembered that I made the same mistake last week with the last Currently Obsessed and that today is Saturday. Which means I missed my posting schedule – but not too late that I completely went AWOL.

With that out of the way, this week’s Currently Obsessed product is another Kiko product (I swear, I’m not shilling for the company. My debt can have a conversation with you regarding how much I burned it during Kiko’s Sale Days) that has saved my butt these past few days that I’ve opted to wear makeup: The Cleansing Milk.

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Currently NOT Obsessed: Clinique Pep Start Eye

And now, the second of today’s Double Post Entry. Not only that, it’s a twist on the series: what I’m NOT Currently Obsessed with. Last entry, I was raving about Clinique’s cult favorite skincare line. But one of their latest additions was a big let-down: the Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream.

This product “provides a rush of hydration and instant brightening so you look and feel refreshed, wide awake, and ready for anything in as little as three seconds” (according to Sephora’s website). That’s a pretty ballsy claim to make, since time is a highly desired variable when it comes to skincare.  Continue reading “Currently NOT Obsessed: Clinique Pep Start Eye”

The Raised Eyebrow: Celebrity Makeup Products

What’s up, BBs? I hope you had / have a lovely Sunday / Monday wherever you are, as it is almost 9 PM here in NYC. As promised, I’m delivering one of today’s Double-Post entries. Today’s more of a mini-rant / headscratch given the title.

You see, Rihanna made news in the beauty community with the announcement of her own makeup line. She’s the latest celebrity to create her own line of makeup without collaborating with a cosmetic company, with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba having their own respective lines, Flower Cosmetics and Honest Beauty. I don’t count the Kardashian cosmetics line for the simple fact that the sisters have made no attempt to promote the product nor persistently claim that they’ve worked to create the cosmetic line that bears their name.

I can’t count Kylie, since she’s only released lip kits and nail polish. Had she released more products, then I would have considered her.

Now, I got nothing against celebrities trying to make money while they still can – fame ain’t forever after all. But what’s with the sudden jump with celebrity-created makeup? Is there an unspoken bandwagon that I missed out on?

While the deets on Rihanna’s makeup line are still in the works, I’m going to take a wild guess by saying that the most hoped for product by her is the eyeliner, since she seems to wear that a lot. Eyeshadows by her are 50-50, but no doubt they will be part of the makeup line since eyeshadows are a standard part of a beauty collection.

What are your thoughts on Rihanna’s upcoming makeup line? 

The Raised Eyebrow: Sue Me!

Hello again, Beautiful Blossoms! I know I’m a day behind with this post but I wasn’t expecting to come home late last night from a trip with my cousin (time flies by really fast when you’re not on your smartphone) to our local mall. On top of that, I was hoping I’d find something that would make my eyebrow raise more than what I’m about to share with you.

And no, the title isn’t meant as a challenge to literally sue me in court. The featured piece for tonight’s entry comes from Yahoo! and USA Today – and to say that an eyebrow was raised would be an understatement.

In the US, people seem to be lawsuit-happy. A company does something or goes against your liking? Sue them and make it rain money! And with lawyers aplenty, no doubt there’s bound to be one willing to take up a case, no matter how frivolous it is. Thankfully, common sense won out this round.

You see, a woman tried to sue Fresh Inc., the makers of the popular SUGAR Lip Balm, because “the company tried to mislead consumers about the quantity of its lip balm” (USA Today).

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