BAFT / Announcement: Look Like Me!

Welcome back, Beautiful Blossoms, to another week of BAFT! If you’re new here, glad to have you visiting the site! This week is both a BAFT and an Announcement (at the end of the entry): I was struggling to figure out what to discuss this week because nothing thought-provoking really happened. And I didn’t want to be a broken record and repeat topics that have already been discussed in previous entries.

So what’s a girl to do?

Lo and behold, my prayers were answered: a comment by WordPress blogger PhillyFashionGirl gave me this week’s topic. Thanks hon!

If you’re puzzled by BAFT’s title topic, let me repost PhillyFashionGirl’s comment here:

Haha I enjoyed reading your post! It’s so true!!!! I don’t get why everyone is obsessed with them and to look like a replica of Kylie !

The last part had me thinking: with the countless get-the-look YouTube tutorial videos and the massive audience that they reach, I wouldn’t be surprised if two or more people are walking the streets with the same exact look. I’m not saying expect to see a doppelganger out there – more like people wearing the same exact eyeshadow, eyeliner style, blush, and lip color as the YouTube vlogger who made the tutorial.

And this was the thought that I had in mind when I just typed the sentence above:

Gotta Love Fairly Odd Parents!

It’s one thing to follow a step-by-step tutorial to pull off a certain look: there are days when people will get into a creative funk or they simply don’t know what look they want to pull off. I get it: I just had that experience with BAFT this week. But it’s another when the tutorial is readily available for viewing consumption and imitation. Especially if it’s from a massively popular YouTube channel.

And this is where PhillyFashionGirl’s comment comes in – well, the last part, that is. Why are people so determined to look like someone else? Whatever happened to originality? In fact, this saying sums it up nicely:

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

We already have one Kylie Jenner. I don’t wanna see multiple look-alikes of her or her sisters or anyone for that matter. Heck, if there is one thing that I learned from American culture, it’s the head-scratching idea that no two girls want to go to their high school prom wearing the same exact dress.

There have been countless fits (and more in the future) by girls who found out that another girl was going to the prom with the same dress or outfit that they had already chosen. And it took me a while to understand why: by the end of the day, girls feel that the gowns represent the uniqueness of their identity. I am me, and you are you. I am not you, and you are not me.

But is YouTube to blame for the possibility that many girls will have the same exact cosmetic look? No. YouTube is just one outlet: if anything, the whole social media scene and the need to share everything is the real culprit here. That being said, do I expect future catfights to break out simply because two or more girls followed the same YouTube video tutorial?

Maybe. But I hope to be proven wrong. From what I gather at Reddit, people can have the same palettes or makeup products but still have their own personal touch with the finished look. I see plenty of people at r/Makeupaddiction posting pictures of their handiwork and redditors asking how said look was pulled off, but no one has posted pictures of themselves doing the same exact look.

But that Fairly Odd Parents episode though…

He was my favorite for a reason lol

And now, for the announcement: given the difficulty of writing BAFT without sounding repetitive, this is going to be the last weekly entry for the series. Future BAFT entries will now be posted once a month – that way, I have more time to find topics that are worth blogging about without saying the same thing over and over. I’m also going to update the “What’s New at BBA” Page to reflect this so it’s not just announced in this entry.

Replacing BAFT will be “From the BBA Vault,” a series hosted at my YouTube channel where I do actual product demonstrations of makeup products that I currently own, as well as reviewing the ones I’ve been using for more than a month. I figured it would make a nice break from the mostly-text flow that BBA is currently on.

I’m hoping to make an introductory video this coming Saturday, so be sure to click that YouTube icon this weekend!

Stay blooming, Beautiful Blossoms!

2 thoughts on “BAFT / Announcement: Look Like Me!

  1. phillyfashiongirl

    Great post!!! Glad I can help haha!!!! Originality is beginning to fade. It’s up to the people who realize this to keep originality existent.


    1. I do see some on reddit with all the image posts that people do to showcase their eyeshadow skills but it’s starting to reach a point where I’m desensitized to them – I know that people don’t do the eyeshadows because it’s what they wanna wear out, but to post pics and get comments on them.


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